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7 Tactics for Creating Viral Threads Without Burnout


Are you tired of struggling to write threads that engage your audience?

Do you feel like your content is falling flat and not getting the traction it deserves?

Don’t worry, today I am going to share the secrets of a successful thread writer.

I have generated over 4,500,000 views and 28,000+ likes with just 3 threads I wrote a month ago.

I know what it takes to capture an audience’s attention. Unfortunately, many people struggle to create content that resonates with their readers.

In this newsletter, I’m going to reveal my 7 secrets to writing high-engaging threads that will keep your readers coming back for more.

These tips are proven to work. If you apply it, I guarantee you will get high engagements

So, let’s get started, steal them today and start writing threads that get noticed!

In case, if you think I’m bragging 👇 Here are the 3 threads I mentioned.

Let’s go one by one.

1. Numbers

Why Numbers? Numbers pop up among words. It is attractive if you can use it correctly.

So, if you can use numbers, use them. Especially in Hooks.

2. Style

What do I mean by Style?

Do you see a difference between these two 👇

Which one can you read easily?

Use Points, Use attractive patterns, Use white space

The whole point is to make your content easy to read and make it skimmable.

3. The Hook

+80% of engagement depends on your Thread Hook.

If you cannot write better hooks, You cannot find more readers to read your thread.

So, learn to Write the First tweet (the Hook) better.

Here is my Thread Hook Database, Get it Free Today

4. Relevancy

If your thread is relevant to a larger audience, you will get more eyes.

That is the reason, people write for these topics:

• Sleep

• Foods

• Sex

• Health

• Family

But you need to know how to make it connected to your audience if you want to write about it.

5. Drive to take Action

Make sure that the thread makes the reader want to do something.

The Viral Thread Formula

It should be valuable It should be Applicable It should have a Range (people to read)

6. Fear → Solution

Throw an issue or worry at them, then present them with a solution.

The reader’s attention will be captured by this strategy.

7. Be Specific

If you want clients, this is the type of thread you want to write.

You may not get more engagement, but this type of thread builds authority.

  1. Thread wrote for engagement.
  2. Thread wrote to build authority.

Check the engagement of these two threads.

We have come to the End.

Tactics for Creating Viral Threads:

  1. Numbers
  2. Style
  3. The Hook
  4. Relevancy
  5. Drive to take Action
  6. Fear → Solution
  7. Be Specific

By following these tactics, you’ll be well on your way to creating viral threads on Twitter that will help you grow your audience and achieve your goals.

Keep experimenting, refining your approach, and paying attention to your analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.

With dedication and hard work, you can make your Twitter threads stand out and go viral.

Thank you, hope it helps.

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