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How I Come With High Engaging Tweets


Are your tweets falling flat? Do you find yourself scrolling through Twitter, wondering why your tweets aren’t generating the engagement and interaction you desire?

This can be a painful and frustrating experience. But fear not, because this newsletter is here to help.

In this issue, I’ll dive into the key elements and strategies for crafting high-engaging tweets that capture your audience’s attention and drive results, also, I will show 3 templates of tweets you can use right away.

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Key Elements of High-Engaging Tweets

1. Concise Messaging

Your tweets should be short, clear, and to the point.

The limited character count on Twitter means you need to be able to get your message across quickly and effectively.

Here is an example:


In this tweet, the message is short, clear, and to the point. Despite its brevity, the tweet still provides value to the reader.


2. Attention-Grabbing Headlines

A strong, attention-grabbing headline can entice your followers to read and interact with your tweet.

Use strong action verbs and be creative.

Here is an example:

This tweet is attention-grabbing for several reasons:

  1. The use of well-known brands (Apple, Netflix, Starbucks) immediately captures the reader’s attention and creates a sense of familiarity.
  2. The staggering sales figure of $175,000,000,000 is attention-grabbing, as it highlights the power of the marketing tactic being discussed.
  3. The promise of revealing “10 psychological hacks” to get people to spend more money is intriguing and creates a sense of exclusivity, making the reader want to know more.
  4. The use of the word “psychology” creates a sense of mystery and makes the reader wonder what these hacks could be.

Overall, this tweet uses a combination of familiar brands, a large sales figure, a promise of valuable information, and a sense of mystery to create an attention-grabbing headline.


3. Timeliness

Tweeting about current events, and trending topics can help keep your content relevant and fresh.

This can help you engage with your followers and connect with them in real time.

Here is an example:

As you know, ChatGPT is a Trending topic, and many creators are making tweets and threads about ChatGPT.

If you want to write a thread about a trending topic, you should read viral threads and tweets about it. This will help you figure out what kind of information people want to know more about. Once you know that, go deeper into it and offer something of value. Go for that extra step.

The next step is to write a better “Hook.”

The Hook of a Thread is the most important part. The first thing you should do if you want to write better, and more engaging threads is to save high-performing threads and read about them.

I did this when I had 7,000 people following me. Once I learned these formats and used them in my hooks, I went from having 7,000 followers to having 25,000 followers in 5 months. (You shouldn’t forget the value you bring, of course).

If you are interested to learn from my journey, I have a free course. Join +400 people here.


4. Encouraging Interaction

Asking questions, and mentioning other users in your tweets are great ways to encourage engagement.

Responding to replies and engaging with your followers can help foster a sense of community and build relationships.

Here is an example:

To ask questions, it doesn’t have to be totally in line with your niche. You can always ask border questions.

If you ask a question, make sure you reply back to them and try to form a conversation.


5. Providing Value

Your tweets should aim to provide value to your followers. Share insights, tips, and useful information that your followers can use in their own lives.

This can help establish you as a thought leader and a valuable resource.

Value and sharing your insights bring you authority.

Authority takes you to Trust.

If your aim is to build a brand, building trust should be your first target.

Here is an example:


In the thread above, I don’t keep anything back. I shared insights, along with my thoughts on it, and all the numbers are also shared.

Why did I do that?

That is how you can build trust.

That is what my audience wants from me.

My goal is to help anyone who reads it get more followers on Twitter and grow.


3 Thread Hooks You can Use Rightaway.

Thread Hook 1:

Reasons why it went Viral:

  1. Urgency: The use of “Give me 2 minutes” creates a sense of urgency and immediacy that makes the reader want to continue reading.
  2. The promise of value: The hook promises to teach the reader “6 rules to be charismatic” in just 2 minutes, making it an attractive and easy-to-consume piece of content.
  3. Relevance: Being charismatic is a desirable trait for many people, so the hook resonates with a wide audience and taps into a common interest.
  4. Brevity: The hook is short, concise, and to the point, making it easy to understand and quickly grasp the purpose of the thread.
  5. Intrigue: The hook creates a sense of mystery by not revealing the specific rules, making the reader want to continue reading to learn more.


How you can use this Hook


“Give me 3 minutes, and I will show you how I gained +20K followers in 5 months”.


Thread Hook 2:

Reasons why it went Viral:

  1. Celebrity: Joe Rogan is a well-known celebrity, so the hook instantly grabs the reader’s attention by mentioning his name.
  2. Numbers: The use of large numbers like “2,000,000,0000 podcast downloads” and “$200 million” creates a sense of scale and helps the reader understand just how successful Joe Rogan has become.
  3. Curiosity: The hook asks the question “But how the heck did he get so popular?” which creates intrigue and encourages the reader to continue reading to find the answer.
  4. Relevance: Joe Rogan’s popularity is a topic of interest to many people, so the hook taps into a common interest and resonates with a wide audience.
  5. The promise of value: The hook promises to answer the question of how Joe Rogan became so popular, making it an attractive and valuable piece of content for the reader.


How you can use this Hook


“Taylor Swift has won 11 Grammys, broken 58 Guinness World Records!
Also, she got the most Streamed Track on Spotify in the First 24 Hours.

But how she is getting there breaking everyone?

Here is how.”


Thread Hook 3:

Reasons why it went Viral:

  1. Relevance: The hook appeals to a common interest of saving time and increasing efficiency, which is a universal desire.
  2. The promise of value: The hook promises to provide the reader with ten websites that can save them hundreds of hours, making it a highly valuable piece of content.
  3. Numbers: The use of the number “10” creates a sense of structure and gives the reader a clear understanding of what to expect in the thread.
  4. Surprising information: The fact that the websites mentioned will cost the reader nothing, but will save them hundreds of hours of their life, is surprising information that captures the reader’s attention.
  5. Emotional connection: By providing the reader with information that can improve their life, the hook creates an emotional connection and encourages engagement with the content.

How you can use this Hook


“3 Amazing Thread Hooks that cost you nothing, but will 10X your engagement. ”


That is it for this week.

High-engaging tweets are essential for reaching and connecting with your audience on social media. Whether it’s through concise messaging, attention-grabbing headlines, timely updates, encouragement of interaction, or providing value, these key elements can help you create tweets that stand out and drive engagement.

By incorporating these strategies into your Twitter Growth, you can build a strong and engaged following and drive success for your brand.

Thank you for reading this newsletter, I hope that you found it informative, and try to be creative and use the hooks I shared.

I would love to see how it goes for you.


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