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How I use Tweet Hunter to Generate more than 164K Impressions from One Tweet

In this post, I am going to show How I use Tweet Hunter to generate more than 164K impressions from one tweet alone.

I am not holding anything, I will show you all the hidden tricks you can use.

If you know about this tool and if you don’t want to know my tricks you can go here and signup for a 7-day trial

If you want to know let’s continue.


I am not going to tell you it can schedule your tweets, send auto DMs, or you can create evergreen slots to retweet your old best tweets…NO.

It is more than that.


If you stick to the end, I promise you will start using it.

Here is the #1 trick:

You may be retweeting others when you see valuable content which can benefit your audience, but you may want to clean it after a day.

If you are using Tweet Hunter, it will do it automatically, you don’t have to go back to the bottom of your Time Line everyday to clean your Retweets.

Here is how to do it.



Here is the #2 trick:

You may know your thread’s virality depends on the thread starter.

By using Tweet Hunter, you can generate the Best Thread Starters which have already worked.

Here is how you can do it.


Here is the #3 trick:

You don’t need to have a bigger following to get sales from Twitter.

And you may know bigger accounts that have more than 10k followers aren’t making money from Twitter.

If you are using Tweet Hunter, you can get the Best Sales tweets and edit them then and there.

Here is how you can do it,



Here is the #4 trick:

You may know, to grow faster you need to engage bigger accounts in your niche because that is where your clients are.

By using Tweet Hunter, you can create a list of all the accounts you want to engage and leave comments from there.

“Wait I can do that inside the Twitter as well??”

YES and No

You can’t generate a list of only tweets from them (the accounts you add to the list)

Here is the difference between the list you get from Twitter and Tweet Hunter.

This is a list with the same accounts which one do you find easy to engage?

In Tweet Hunter, you will only get the tweets from the account (no RTs from those accounts)


Here is the #5 trick:

You can make your tweet alive for days.

That is true, and it is simple.

By using the auto retweet function, you can set the intervals between 1 hour to 23 hours.

And you can choose how many times you want to retweet.

As the AoP @creation247 said, “it is like Buying a Retweet from You”

Here is how you can do it.


Here is the #6 trick:

You can give a boost to your email list using Tweet Hunter.

Here is how…

To begin, think of something that will be useful to your target audience.

And then you can send a tweet like this.

This tweet is from Easlo.

Tweet Hunter Auto DM Function

See how many replies he got.

By using Auto DM, you can DM the link to anyone who replies.
(It Is not only replies, but you can also set it for Retweets and likes as well)

Here is how you can set auto DMs using Tweet Hunter

(I am setting it for replies and likes)


That is, it for this post, but that is not all the cool tricks you can do from Tweet Hunter

Let me list some of them here:

  1. Scheduling tweets.
  2. Auto Plug: Reply to a tweet once you get a certain amount of likes.

This is why @OneJKMolina said this “When you go viral, plug in something below. It hurts me when I see a viral tweet not promoting anything”

  1. AI-generated Tweets (I didn’t touch this feature, because most of you know what It can do)
  2. Check Your Analysis inside the Tweet Hunter.
  3. Free Tweet Collections, like Marketing tweets, Viral threads, best Start up tweets, and Best Stock Market Tweets.

Here is a screenshot of the collections of tweets you can get.

Tweet Hunter Tweets collections.



Here is what you need to do if you like this tool.

Go to Tweet Hunter and signup for a 7-day trial


No need to buy it if you don’t like it


By the way, I will be most active on Twitter, send me a DM if you want to ask any questions.

Talk to you soon.



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