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How to Become a Top Writer on Medium


On Aug 25th, 2022, I got a mail from Medium saying this.


Top Writer on Medium

It has been not more than 3 months since I started posting Medium Stories on a regular basis.

But I have seen people who have been working for this for years.

So, in this week’s newsletter I will show you how I did this, and the steps I have made, I hope it will help you if you are trying to become one

Here is How I did it

Focus On Quality

Quality is the most important.

But how to create quality content is the biggest question.

Don’t just write how-to guides, show them your results, show them how you did it.

For example, this is a story I wrote once I achieved this.

If you can write this type of content, it is difficult to ignore because you have demonstrated your results with proof of what you have done.



Find a Good Publication to Publish

I am sure you know what you are writing, and what expertise you have.

In my case, I am an Options Trader and Investor. So started searching for good publications related to my topic.

You dont need to find more, 2–3 to three is fine.

I should shout out to Matt | Financial Imagineer for helping me to reach out to the creator of Data Driven Investor.


Create a system to publish

As you know I have been working in 9–5 but I manage to publish 4 medium stories, 3 Twitter threads, 2 Blog Posts, and 1 deep drive Newsletter per week. 

This is because I have a system or a flow to create this amount of content.

In this story, I have explained it in detail.

Like-Minded Community

This is an underrated move, I should say.

I didn’t expect that from a community.

They help me to clear all my doubts, and every question I asked, and an insane amount of knowledge. Not only for medium writers but all types of content creators who want to build an extra income online.

So huge shoutout to Jamie – Minimalist Hustler and Evan Kelly.

If you like to join our community you are most welcome.

That is all from me… I hope this will help you to achieve your goal of becoming a Top Writer on Medium.

By the way, I didn’t expect this so fast and I don’t know the value of it, thanks Evan Kelly for explaining to me the value of it. When I shared this with the group.

Top Medium Writer Sharing My Win


I hope it helps you if you are someone who is looking to grow your Medium Account.

By the way, if you dont know the value of building an audience on Medium You better ask Google “The Benefits Creating an Audience on Medium”


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