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How to Go Viral on Twitter and Generate Leads

Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media platforms for businesses to increase their brand exposure and generate leads.

With millions of active users, going viral on Twitter can help you reach a wider audience and attract potential customers.

However, achieving viral success on Twitter is not as easy as it seems.

In this blog post, I will show you my best strategy to increase your Twitter followers, create engaging content, and ultimately, go viral on Twitter to generate leads for your business.

Are you excited?

Let’s get started.

How would you react if you knew that millions of people have read the tweet you just posted?

To have followers from all over the world who are actively engaging with the content you post?

Do you know that with the appropriate resources and a sound plan, it’s not that difficult?

Have you ever come across a tweet that went something like this?

How to go viral on twitter

Now, here’s WHY it spreads like wildfire:

1. Provide people with an undeniable free resource

2. Ask people to Retweet, Comment, and Like

So why do people do this, what is the magic behind this?

Here is the behind sean:

Once a person Retweet, comments, or like the tweet, they will get a DM with instructions on how to get that.

You will gain followers


Creators say this in their tweet “must be following so that I can send the DM” That is not the case above, but I highly recommend including it in your tweet.

So, if a person wants this, he has to follow first. So that the creators can send the DM.

But, it is impossible to send 1000s of DMs.

You cannot use this technique without a third-party tool.

To do this, I use but you can also go with other tools like  Tweet Hunter

If you want to apply this, follow this step-by-step:

How to go viral on Twitter,
  1. Ask yourself, what tools/resources/content bundles your audience wants to have. (list them)
  2. Create a guide/Ebook/Course then go to gumroad, and create a product and publish it, make it free (get the link to download the product)
  3. Write your Giveaway Tweet: Here is a collection of Giveaway Tweets, get this it will help you to craft a giveaway tweet (it is FREE)
  4. Once you write the tweet then do these settings (shown in the picture above)
    1. go to the advanced section of Hypefury
    2. Toggle the AutoDM
    3. Select readers’ actions (reply/like/retweet)
    4. You can even ask specific words to reply
    5. Write the message you send as a DM to the people who complete the tasks.
  5. Here is a sample message to send as a DM. (change it according to your offer)
Thanks for your interest in [your giveaway name]
I would appreciate it if you could drop a 5 ⭐ rating when downloading on Gumroad.
You can download it for free here: [gumroad link here]
My DM’s are OPEN if you need any help or guidance from my side.

Pro tip:

Twitter will not allow sending 1000s of DMs per day, so what you can do is,

You can plug a tweet below the main tweet after 2-4 hours (depending on the engagement you get).

Here is how you do it using  Tweet Hunter

How to go viral on twitter

I plug this tweet after 3 hours. Here is something you can write. (change to your style)

My DM’s got Full! If you didn’t receive the link.
Here it is:
[Gumroad Link goes here ]

Actions List:

  1. Download my Free Giveaway Tweet Templates
  2. Build your Free Product
  3. Host it on
  4. Do the setup using or Tweet Hunter (schedule, auto DM, delay tweet)


That is it for this week.

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