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How to Write the Best Thread Hook

How to Write a Top 1% Thread Hook.

I know there are people who spend hours deciding on a Twitter thread hook. Because it is one of the most important parts of a thread.

Today I am going to show you how you can write the best thread hook.

For that, I have analyzed more than 1000 thread hooks from my Tweet Database.
(don’t worry you will see my tweet database, but not today)

After going through the process of learning Threads hooks I have selected 10 threads that stand out for me. And I have explained why it stands out and I have also provided examples, so it is easy for you to reuse those.

Let’s get into it.

1. Obvious Value

I call this obvious value because this type of thread comes from people who have done it. (this can be a statement of something you have achieved)

People are hooked after reading the first statement. Who doesn’t want to know how someone made $120 million in online revenue?

Further, he breaks down what you will get from this thread, that is the tactics he used.

I made over $200,000 last year by selling a 20-page PDF.

Here are how I achieved it.



2. Relate to an Event

Relate a life event of yours, following with a success story. This does well if your event is related to more people in your audience.

In this case, the event is, “don’t have a CS degree” followed by what you can get from this thread. This is the reason college dropout threads go viral.


I failed my computer science degree, then I got attracted to no-code developments. Now I have 3 SaaS products which give me an MRR of 10K.

Here are all lessons I learned throughout the process.



3. Simple and Fewer words

I dont think this hook can be simpler than this, and it came out at the best time because everybody understands if you have to grow your Twitter audience, threads are the best tool to use.

Make sure you give something which resonates with your audience.


How to become a top paid email market for e-com brands.



4. Bold Statements and Showing How

Starting with a blood statement which most people want to know is one of the best ways to start a thread.

In this case, “MasterClass used SEO to build a $2.7B education empire”. who doesn’t want to read about it, especially if you are an SEO person?

So, you can structure this with a well-known person or brand or an event.


“Person A closed three deals worth more than $60,000 by using just one thread he wrote. Here’s how:”



5. Curate and Provide Value

I am sure you will read good threads from your favorite people. Why not give them a shoutout in a curated thread like this? On weekends, I used to send at least one curated thread, which would be good pieces of content I discovered that week.

But for curated threads too, there is a structure to write.

As you can see from the thread below, the first sentence declares his authority, “I have a master’s degree in finance” then comes what you have done, or accomplished, followed by what you can get from this thread.


Made $100,000 last year, by selling digital products.

Here are 10 threads that will help you do the same.



6. Play with Human Desire

Who doesn’t want to become wealthy right?

Creating wealth, getting fit or healthy, and creating relationships are the three broad topics people care about. If you can write well on these topics you will do good.


If you want to win the heart of any girl you approach, read this:



7. Build Curiosity.

If you are writing a list of steps for completing a process you can easily apply this. It will entice the reader to read more about the points you raised.

As you can see from this thread, the first sentence is the process he has gone through to gain 11k subscribers to his newsletter. Then comes the highlighted tips, which he called game changers.


10 lessons I learned to grow my Youtube Subscribers to 100K.

Lessons 6, and 9 are more than a $1000 course.




8. Surprising Numbers

If you can bring a surprising number with a well-known figure is the best case. In this case, LeBron is a well-known figure, and the number is he earned $346B from NBA contracts and $700M from his off-court deals. Who doesn’t want to know about these investments?

If you can bring a story like this and deliver it well, you will have amazing gains.


9. Visuals to Give 2nd Thoughts

 Words work well but adding visuals to provide deeper value and make others think more will increase engagement.

As you can see below, in this visual, Alex showed how you can handle all of your Twitter tasks for a day in just one hour.

So, if you can include visuals to break down complex subjects or issues into simple solutions you will do better.


10. Provide Proven Processes or Techniques

To write these types of threads it is best if you could include something you have done.

In this case, Wiz shows how he gets clients from Twitter to run his agency. The process he breaks down is onboarding people from Twitter to run his agency.

I wrote one 1 weekly newsletter, 2 threads, 5 medium posts, and 5 blog posts per week while doing 9–5. It took me 1–2 hours per day.
Here is my complete process of achieving it.



That is the end of the Top 10 Types I found.

But now you have noticed there are many common styles.

Styles in the sense of how they have arranged the hook.

So Right now I am going to give you the most effective style I found. 

I have divided the hook into 3 simple parts.

  1. Authority
  2. Process
  3. Delivery


Here is an example:

In 8 months, I built a 6-figure e-commerce brand.
I have done mistakes that cost millions.
Here are the lessons I learned from those mistakes.


From the above 10 threads 1, 5, and 8 come under this style. 

This is the end of this post.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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