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My Favorit 5 Techniques to Create an Email List Fast and Free

Building an email list can be really helpful.

You can not only sell them, but you can also bring them back to your website to market products efficiently.

But the real problem is how can we build an email list fast.

That is what I am going to show in this post.

Let’s get started.

Here are my Favorite 5 Techniques for Building an Email List from Scratch.

1 – Build a tool to give free

let’s say you have an accounting site, You can build a compounding calculator Or You can build income and expense calculators.

Give these tools free and ask them to give their emails to send the results.


2 – Give a Free Webinar

People love webinars, I love them You can use tools like Webinar Jam to make it evergreen.

Evergreen means you record a webinar once and you can keep displaying it as a replay.

Webinars are interactive so, people are more likely to buy from you.


3 – Promote before you publish

Most people are doing this wrong. They are promoting it after they send their newsletter, do it the other way.

Promote your newsletter before you send it. Here is an example from Justine.


4 – Dont just ask for Signups

What I mean by this is, You can ask for signup like this:

Subscribe to get the latest content and more by email.

OR You can ask for signup like this:

Actionable Advice & Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business to your Inbox every Saturday.


5 – Give FREE

Give everything you know for free.
Provide value, so that people love you and people know you.
Now you may ask then what is there to sell…
Well, who doesn’t want to hire you to do it for them?
And that’s it.


1. Build a tool to give free
2. Give a Free Webinar
3. Promote before you publish
4. Dont just ask for Signups
5. Give FREE

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