Sponsor The AiRoad

Created by Sharyph

Why AiRoad:

Details Updated on: 01 July 2023

🚀 Audience: 5,000+

✉️ Open Rate: 30%

🔥 Impressions: 1500 – 2000 for each ad.

📍 Demographics: US, UK, India, Canada..

👥 Readers: Tech Professionals, Investors, CEOs, Skilled Workers, Engineers, Managers, HR operators around the World.

🔮 I have a Different Approach to Pricing the Ad

You will be paid a specific amount per 1000 impressions. (depending on the Ad type)

Example: For Main Ad £45 per 1000 impressions.

Please read the Sponsorship Options for more details.

Sponsorship Options:

Main Ad

  • Logo at the Top of the Newsletter
  • 300-400 Character Text top of the email
  • Multiple CTAs
  • Add to the Top Tools Page (free)
  • Your Tool will Add to a Twitter thread (free) 

Featured Ad

  • These are Tools, Jobs, and other resources
  • Described in one simple sentence
  • One CTA
  • Add the Middle of the Page

Main Banner Ad

  • Image Banner at the Top of the Tools Page
  • Monthly 200K visits
  • The banner is a Link

Twitter Threads

  • Add your AI Tools to High Engaging Threads (500K-1M+ views)
  • Twitter Audience 70K+
  • Interactive Video Clips can be added
  • Multiple CTAs.

🎁 Bundles Available: For more info, Book a Call Please.