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The Fastest Way to Sell Your First Digital Product

The Fastest Way to Sell Your First Digital Product

Making Money Online has never been easier. But I know many are struggling to make it consistently. Some may believe they dont have a skill, they dont have time to learn everything, and most of them dont want even try.

But if you are reading this newsletter I believe you wanted to make a consistent income online and you may be making some here and there but you are not consistent.

The biggest reason I found so far, is you dont have a system, a system in the sense you dont have a creative flow from start generating your content ideas to publish it. Once you can create that flow or the system it is easy for you to execute it. You just need to take some time and create the flow.

So that is something I highly recommend creating if you want to be successful and stay in the game for long.

Next, I am going to show my 3 step process to get your first online sale. 

It is easy, nothing hard here, but you need to be disciplined to achieve it, and dont expect sales will come in overnight, it doesn’t work that way.

Let’s jump in.

1. Create the Product

Creating the products


You may ask, why the product first… it is okay to argue, but you will understand why I put “Create the Product” first. Though this is your first step, it doesn’t mean you cannot start building an audience while creating your product, not like that.

To create the product you need to complete these 4 steps:

  1. Skill
  2. Solve a Problem
  3. Choose the Type Digital Product
  4. Master the Tools

a. Skill

To learn a skill there are many online course platforms, choose a course you are interested in, and go from there.

b. Solve a Problem

Ask yourself what problems you can solve, apart from solving a problem you should have some sort of interest in this area, if your interest doesn’t match, it is difficult to stay consistent.

c. Choose the Type Digital Product

Depending on the problem you are solving, it can be an E-Book, it can be a Course, it can be templates, choose what is the best one for you to solve the problem.

d. Master the Tools

– Google Docs / MS Word to write the document.
Canva for the Graphics
– Gumroad to Host the product

2. Building an Audience

Audience Building


Now you have the product, but to whom you are selling it?

So, you need to know what is your audience. And you need a marketing plan, well don’t make this big, it is not.

So here is what I recommend. Once you find a problem and once you start working on creating the product, I want you to start working on creating an audience around that product.

It is easy because now you have the solution and the problem, so you will know what kind of people will look for this of product.

Start creating content on social media, and start engaging people in different forums.

Once you start you will find more ways and ideas to improve your product.

During this time I recommend starting a newsletter, this will allow you to collect and promote your product to a high engaging audience.

I have written a very detailed guide about how you can build an email list using a lead magnet. Learn everything in there and apply it.

3. Marketing Your Product

Marketing Your Product


Once you finish creating your product, you have an engaging audience and an email list of real people who want your solution. So it is easy for you to market it.

Here is my plan to market your product.

a. Announce your product to your Email List with a huge discount, and ask them to sign up for pre-order, you can do this on Gumroad.

b. Promote your product on social media for 2 weeks.

If you have an audience on Twitter you can promote it using threads, memes, or plug your pre-order link down below a good-performing tweet. (I know I always choose Twitter over other social media platforms; you should know why by now).

c. Just before 24 hours of the launch, send a tweet saying the price will go up after 24 hours and give a countdown every 6 hours, you can easily schedule this on Zlappo

And on the last 6 hours give 3-hour reminders and on the last 3 hours give 1-hour reminders.

Try this, I know it takes time and you shouldn’t rush this process.

That is it for this week’s newsletter


  1. Create the Product
  2. Build an Audience
  3. Market the Product


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