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Why You Should Build an Audience

Why you should Start Building an Audience Right Now.

When I started writing content on the internet in 2019, I had no idea what I was doing.

For me, it seems like it is nice to have a blog or a 10K Twitter account.

I had no plans, but I found that everybody is behind this because they are making money.

Okay, I can go do that too.

That is my biggest mistake.

I went for money before learning or knowing the basics.

I don’t want that to happen to you.


I understand, if you are spending time and energy, you would want to be rewarded.

But without learning the basics, you will come back to where you have started.

Trust me!

I want you to ask yourself, why you are here?

Why are you reading this?

Is it to make money?

Is it because you saw people making money online?

If so,

Do you want to know what you need to do Right Now?

  • Start Building an Audience


You can build an audience in various ways.

But today, I will show you how I built my audience organically, without spending a single cent.

Before going there, let me tell you why you need to work on building an audience first.

The importance of Building an Audience:

Validate your product

If you have built an audience, you will understand their pains, if you know their pains you can easily create a product to solve the pain.

So it is easy to create a product that will be valuable to your audience.

Ask for feedback

When you are creating a product or service, you can always ask for feedback. You don’t need to show your product to an expert for his/her suggestions or feedback.

In fact, getting feedback from the audience means you know what exactly you need to be corrected or to improve.

Identifying trends before anyone does

If you have an audience, based on what they ask, or the feedback you get, you will understand, or get an idea of where the broad industry is moving.

So, it is easy for you to take the next step before anyone does, you can be ahead of your niche.

Easy to Sell Your products and Services

People easily buy from people they know or trust.

Building trust or becoming a known person is the hardest and most time-consuming process.

And this is the most important pillar of creating an engaging audience.

You will need to provide value consistently; you need to help them to solve their problems. All these will give you the opportunity to build trust.

Steps to Creating an Audience

I highly recommend working on building an audience even if this is your first day.

But how?

1. Choose a Platform,

To begin 1 or 2 is fine. (my choice was Twitter and LinkedIn, right now I am sharing content on Instagram as well)

But to start focusing on one, and the quality of the content.

2. Learn a skill, if you don’t have one.

What are the skills you can learn? (Check this tweet from me)

3. Share what you learn along the way.

Sharing what you learn, and experiences get attention to your content, and you may get questions from others.

Answer them and try to solve their problems.

Once you do this, you will realize the biggest problems of your audience and their pains.

Then, your next stop will be asking them to join your email list.

For that,

Create a Freebie (lead magnet)

With this, you can collect emails from those who are interested.

(this is the first step in filtering your audience)

Also, you can,

Create a Newsletter

Create exclusive in-depth content for the people who subscribe to your newsletter, and promote your newsletter to your audience.

This collection of guides may be useful if you want to learn how to build an audience and make money on Twitter.

You can download it for free.

I hope this will open your eyes to how important it is to work on building an audience.

Now it is time for you to take action.

Best of Luck.



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